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#NoBanNoWall! Let Them All In!

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Wednesday, Feb 22

NYU Global Center For Academic and Spiritual Life, Room 365
238 Thompson St (at Washington Sq S) New York, NY 10012

President Agent Orange unleashed his racism with executive orders to ban Muslims and increase militarization of the Mexico-USA border. His sickening executive hate crimes have already destroyed lives, wreaked havoc around the world, emboldened neo-nazis, and has terrorized millions.

But it has also provoked tens of thousands to respond and organize in defense of our Muslim sisters and brothers, our Mexican sisters and brothers, and all our immigrant family. But to quote journalist Anand Gopal at his anti-inauguration speech in Washington, “Resisting Trump means resisting the system that made him possible.”

This meeting will dissect that system, and explain why revolutionary socialists are committed to heart and soul to internationalism and a world without borders.

“We should not let fear decide what we do for the next four years,” said a speaker, who identified themselves as undocumented, at a recent NYC immigration rights rally. “We see an opportunity to start a movement that can change this country for the next hundred years.”

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