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Prospects for Syria: Revolution, Anti-Imperialism and Solidarity

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A talk by Syrian-Swiss writer & activist Joseph Daher

Thurs., Feb 16

Barnard College, Columbia University
Lehman Auditorium, 202 Altschul Hall
117th Street and Broadway

Joseph Daher is a Swiss-Syrian socialist activist, academic, and founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever. He is the author of Hezbollah: The Political Economy of Lebanon’s Party of God, Pluto Press, London, 2016 (distributed in the US by University of Chicago Press) and (with John Rees) of “The People Demand. A short history of the Arab revolutions”, Counterfire, London 2011.

Joseph will address the key debate on the left about the Syrian Revolution, Assad’s Counter-Revolution, and the role of the imperialist and regional powers.

Tour Schedule

Feb 9 : Toronto
Feb 10: Montreal
Feb 13: Boston
Feb 15: New Britain (CT)
Feb 16: New York City
Feb 17: Chicago

You can read his blog here.

His book is available here.

Presented by

Students Organize for Syria
Barnard Columbia Socialists
Students for Justice in Palestine

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