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ABCs of Socialism: Is socialism just a Western, eurocentric concept?

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Monday, March 20
7 PM – 8 PM

Verso Books
20 Jay St, Suite 1010,
Brooklyn, New York 11201

In March Jacobin Magazine and Verso Books will be hosting four events/classes, on a different question posed in the book: the ABCs of Socialism.

This week’s topic

Is socialism just a Western, eurocentric concept?

with Nivedita Majumdar
Nivedita Majumdar is an associate professor of English at John Jay College. She is the secretary of the Professional Staff Congress, the CUNY faculty and staff union.

This event will air live from the Verso Facebook

Socialism is in the air. But the idea of socialism also faces heavy counterattack—and not only from the Right. Within the Left itself, there is suspicion of an ideal many view as single-mindedly focused on economic issues and distant from other everyday sufferings, especially those of black and brown people.

The underlying assumption is that socialism, a supposedly Western (and white) ideology, while capable of addressing economic injustices, remains incapable of speaking to the lived experience of oppression and discrimination in the Global South, as well as oppressed groups elsewhere.

Is there any validity in this criticism?

Upcoming topics

Isn’t America already kind of socialist?
Monday, March 27

About “The ABCs of Socialism”

The remarkable run of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States has prompted—for the first time in decades and to the shock of many—a national conversation about socialism.

This book steps into this moment to offer a clear, accessible, informative, and irreverent guide to socialism for the uninitiated. “The ABCs of Socialism” answers basic questions, including ones that many want to know but might be afraid to ask.

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