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ABCs of Socialism: Does human nature make socialism impossible?

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Monday, March 13
7 PM – 8 PM

Verso Books
20 Jay St, Suite 1010,
Brooklyn, New York 11201

In March Jacobin Magazine and Verso Books will be hosting four events/classes, on a different question posed in the book: the ABCs of Socialism.

This week’s topic

Does human nature make socialism impossible?

with Adaner Usmani
Adaner Usmani is a graduate student at New York University and on the board of “New Politics.”

This event will air live from the Verso Facebook

“Good in theory, bad in practice.” Sure, the concept sounds nice, but people aren’t very nice, right? Isn’t capitalism much more suited to human nature — a nature dominated by competitiveness and venality?

Socialists don’t believe these truisms. They don’t view history as a mere chronicle of cruelty and selfishness. They also see countless acts of empathy, reciprocity, and love. People are complex: they do
unspeakable things, but they also engage in remarkable acts of kindness and, even in difficult situations, show deep regard for others.

Upcoming topics

Is socialism just a Western, eurocentric concept?
Monday, March 20

Isn’t America already kind of socialist?
Monday, March 27

About “The ABCs of Socialism”

The remarkable run of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States has prompted—for the first time in decades and to the shock of many—a national conversation about socialism.

This book steps into this moment to offer a clear, accessible, informative, and irreverent guide to socialism for the uninitiated. “The ABCs of Socialism” answers basic questions, including ones that many want to know but might be afraid to ask.

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