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Meet the Queens ISO

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Sunday, March 5

40-12 82nd St, Elmhurst, NYC

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Donald Trump wasted no time unleashing a barrage of attacks against some of the most marginalized and oppressed groups of people in this country. However, the resistance, catalyzed by the historic women’s marches around the world, is proof that people united in struggle can organize and win important battles within our current system. But we also desperately need a larger socialist movement as a vehicle to organize a political alternative to our current profoundly undemocratic and unequal political system. Join us for ongoing weekly discussions about how we can build this socialist alternative.

These discussions are meant to provide an entry point to people looking to learn more about the ISO and our brand of socialist politics. Thus, they will be centered around our “Where We Stand” pamphlet.

We encourage you to print the pamphlet out and bring a copy to the meeting–along with all your questions, comments and disagreements! Since the discussions will be divided into chapters, you don’t have to have come to the previous meeting to attend any given Sunday.

Here are the scheduled sessions:

First Session: The Socialist Alternative (Feb 19th)
Readings: Where We Stand, The Politics of The International Socialist Organization: chapters 1-4 (Socialism, not Capitalism, Workers’ power, Revolution, Internationalism)

Second Session: Marxism and Oppression (Feb, 26th)
Readings: The Politics of The International Socialist Organization: Full equality and Liberation

Third Session: The Revolutionary Party and the ISO (March. 5th)
Readings:The Politics of The International Socialist Organization: The revolutionary party as well as our Members’ Toolkit

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