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Socialism vs Trumpism: How socialist ideas can help fight Trump

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Wednesday, March 15

76-11 37th Ave, 2nd Fl.,
Jackson Heights.


Danny Katch
writer for SocialistWorker.org and author of Socialism…Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation

Millions of people across the country have moved into action against Trump and his agenda: from the historic women’s marches on January 21; to the angry town halls across the country; to the days with out an immigrants actions; to the churches and homes across the country that are opening themselves up to provide physical sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

At the same time, layers of people across the country are gravitating to socialist politics and organization in a way we have not seen in a generation.

The failure of the two party system and the politics of compromise have opened up millions to some basic socialist principles: We cannot rely on politicians to fight, but need to build independent working class organization based on the struggles of ordinary people. We should not separate issues of race, gender and oppression from economic struggle, but see them as part of one unified class struggle. We should not lower our sights to what appears “realistic” but need to raise our sights to encompass a vision of a society without oppression and exploitation.

Come to a meeting on Wednesday, March 15 to discuss the growth of socialist consciousness and organization in this country, and why we need these politics to develop a broad resistance to Trump.

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