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The Tribune of the Oppressed: Marxism and Oppression

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Friday, March 3rd

2082 Lexington Ave FL. #4, New York, NY
(cross streets are 125th and Lexington Ave.)

“We live in a society rife not only with economic inequality but with myriad forms of oppression – unequal treatment of various groups based on perceived racial, sexual, national, and other differences.”
We see this reality everywhere and if we pay close attention, one can see it in daily life. But what are the root causes of these various oppressions? What role do they play? Can they ever be overcome?

Understanding the relationship between exploitation and oppression is crucial in overcoming the divide and conquer strategies that the ruling class and their forces use to keep the working majority oppressed. What are the strategies that Socialists employ to unite the working class in the struggle for a society based on the rule of the majority?

Join us for a discussion of the root causes of oppression, how its used by the ruling class to maintain their positions of power and what we can do to build solidarity as a direct challenge to capitalism’s efforts to pit workers against each other in a race to the bottom. All are welcome to attend.

Suggested Reading:
– Book, Meaning of Marxism Chapter 11 – Marxism and Oppression
– For those who don’t have the book here are some articles you can read that touches on the same topic:
Marxism and Oppression
The Roots of Racism
Engels and the Origins of Women’s Oppression
The Roots of Gay oppression
Can the Working Class Unite?

Marxism and Oppression: The Tribune of the Oppressed

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