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How to Bring Down a President: Lessons from the Struggle in South Korea

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Wednesday, April 5th

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Discussions on what it would take to bring down a President have come up more and more now that Trump has taken power with the help of an undemocratic political system in the United States. However, with no examples of the masses bringing down a President in US history for activists to study and learn from, many are wondering where to begin.

One case study those of us in the US can look at is in the struggle against South Korea’s recently deposed President, Park Geun-hye. The South Korean masses mobilized millions of people to pressure their unpopular right wing president to step down in the face of growing corruption scandals. Labor, students and political opponents of the President banded together against President Park Geun-hye, the right wing and corporations that back her presidency. Not only were they successful in driving a split between the President and her supporters, the mass protests pressured the President’s supporters to abandon her altogether and vote in favor of impeachment.

This effort should be studied and discussed by as many activists in the US who, like their South Korean counterparts, would also like to force their President to step down. Join us for a presentation by a South Korean Socialist about the growth of this mass movement and what lessons it has for activists in the US.

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