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Fighting Against Trumpenomics: What Could a People’s Budget Look Like?

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Wednesday, May 24


Brooklyn Free School

372 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

A new week of chaos has engulfed Washington. Trump is being investigated. Republicans have been caught on tape covering for him. And “impeachment” has even been uttered in Washington. It’s hard to know where this will go. Will Trump go down? Or will his battered presidency go on?

Whether it is Trump, Pence, or McConnell leading the charge, one thing is certain: they will continue to benefit their rich friends at the expense of workers and the poor. The budget bill that is currently moving through Congress contain some of the most draconian cuts in recent history.

If we are to build a resistance, we need to know what it represents AND we need to have an alternative. Come to a discussion of what Trump’s budget means for working people, whether it represents a new strategy for the American elite or is just the ravings of a madman, and most importantly, what an alternative people’s budget would look like.

Featured Speaker
Paul Heideman, member of the International Socialist Organization based at NYU and frequent contributor to Jacobin Magazine and the International Socialist Review.

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