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A Socialist Strategy to Fight the Right

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Join the Brooklyn Branch of the International Socialist Organization to discuss the urgent
task of fighting back against the growing wave of racism, violence and hatred.

The rising Right can’t be voted out of existence or confronted into oblivion. A left alternative must be built to marginalize it. Black Panther Fred Hampton put it best: “You don’t fight fire with fire. You put out fire with water. We’re going to fight racism with solidarity.”

Every day provides sickening new examples of an emboldened right under Trump. African American student Richard Collins III was murdered at the University of Maryland by a known racist who identified as being part of a group “Alt Reich.” Another Nazi stabbed two men to death and injured another after they stepped when he was harassing two Muslim women on public transit. Keeanga Yamata-Taylor, a socialist and anti-racist activist, had to cancel a West Coast tour after receiving death threats. These are only a few examples that highlight what many already know: we need to organize against this rise in hate crimes.

From elections that vote out Republicans and put Democrats in, to Black Block tactics that aim to confront the right wing with small, militant actions, there are different ideas about how our side can push the Right back into the shadows where it belongs. For socialists, we think that we must build a broad, mass response to every racist, Islamophobic and sexist instance. Only a mass movement that poses an ideological counterweight to right wing explanations of the world we live in can marginalize Right-wing ideas.

We need to unite socialists, unions, liberals, students, Mosques, Churches and more to organize large protests that defend every oppressed group and build the combativity and confidence of our side. Unfortunately, under Trump there are many, many opportunities to do such organizing. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but it is an urgent task. We must fight the right and build the left. At the same time, we must maintain a socialist vision to replace the everyday horrors of capitalism as a guide to our strategy through the ups and downs.

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