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Fight the Right! Protest Islamophobia in New York!

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Saturday, June 10
Gather at 9:30am

The triangular park/median just north of Chambers where Hudson and West Broadway meet.

Dear friends,

In recent months we have seen a dramatic escalation in attacks and violence perpetrated against immigrants, Muslims, and people of color. Last week’s horrific violence in Portland in which two people were killed and one severely injured while defending two women of color, one of whom was wearing a hijab, is only the most recent attack as a result of a growing right-wing.

On June 10th, alt-right activists are organizing a so called “March Against Sharia” which will only serve to further embolden this kind of violence. This racism and bigotry must be confronted. We must take action to drive out racism and Islamophobia from our city. Mass mobilization and solidarity are the only way to stop the right-wing from growing and to defend those of us who are targeted by right wing violence.

The International Socialist Organization in NYC is working with the Jewish Social Justice Contingent (Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Jewish Voices for Peace-NYC, Network Against Islamophobia, Jews Say No!), Bay Ridge for Social Justice and the Arab-American Association of NY to build the mass rally in City Hall Park called by NYC Loves Muslims and CAIR-NY. We will gather together at 10am at the Broadway side of City Hall to say:

NO to Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism!
NO to white supremacy!
YES to building community and protecting one another!
YES to dignity and justice for all communities!

We also invite you to join the ISO contingent, which will be gathering at 9:30am at the triangular park/median just north of Chambers where Hudson and West Broadway meet. We will be assembling signs and materials and shortly before 10am we will march together to join the demonstration. We need to stand up to the right-wing bigots, but just as urgently we need to build a left that can provide an alternative explanation for the sickness of our system – an alternative based on solidarity and a vision for a better world rather than scapegoating and despair.

For more information and to RSVP, you can find the event on Facebook here.

For more about the ISO and to get in touch with us, please visit us at nycsocialist.org or contact nyc-iso@nycsocialist.org.

Read Socialist Worker’s statement about the recent wave of racist hate crimes here.

Please build and share this information widely so that we can send as strong and visible message of solidarity as possible. We hope to see you out in the streets with us on Saturday.

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