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Our planet is in the midst of an ecological crisis brought on by capitalism. As Marxists we understand that capitalism’s inherent reliance on exploitation extends not only to people but to the earth. Its insatiable reliance on ever-expanding profits cannot be sustained on our finite planet. The BP oil spill┬áin the Gulf of Mexico, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster serve to highlight what ecological calamities ensue under the everyday disaster for working people that is capitalism.

In order to mitigate against the onslaught of climate change, address the accumulative human health impacts of pollution, prevent future ecological nightmares and preserve our planet for generations to come; a planned, democratic and sustainable society in which the working class empowers itself (i.e. socialism) is vitally necessary.

The ISO is fighting for that future today. We have helped lead the fight to shut down the Vermont Yankee and Indian Point nuclear plants and have organized protests and direct actions to halt the Keystone XL Pipeline and prevent hydraulic-fracturing. While we have immersed ourselves in these immediate struggles we understand our environment will never truly be safe from the pilfering of capital until the working class emancipates itself.

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For more information or to get involved in this work contact: nyc-iso@nycsocialist.org

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