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NYC Fall Marxism Conference

November 10, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Free Childcare

Amid the resistance to Trump’s America, a Socialist Movement is growing for the first time in half a century. Over the last two years, we have come face to face with every question that the system poses for those who want a better world:

How do we confront the growing far Right? How do we end sexual violence? How do we organize against all forms of racism and oppression? How do strikes win and how do they spread? How do we organize to push aside the existing world order so that we can build a society based on human need instead of one propped up by exploitation and oppression?

We think that a full transformation of the reality that Trump (and the system he supports) represent can only come from a revolution from below that involves the vast majority of people. The strikes, protests and courage on display this last year has confirmed the role that ordinary people can and will play in charting a way forward. This drives our strategy for how to build on the openings that exist today.

Join hundreds of socialists and activists from NYC and the broader Mid-Atlantic region to dig into the theory, history and practice that can help us make sense of the questions we face and develop strategies for strengthening the Socialist Movement for our times.

Registration is open! Free childcare available – you must register and let us know that you need it by November 3rd.

Sessions Include:
-Revolutionary Socialism, Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy
-Marxism and Oppression
-What Kind of Party Do We Need?
-From #Metoo to Women’s Liberation
-Being a Socialist at Work
-The Changing World Order: Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today
-Time is Running Out: Socialism and Environmental Destruction
-Capitalism, Migration, and Xenophobia: The Socialist Case Against Borders
-Socialists and the Fight for Reforms
-Race, Class and Marxism
-Final plenary on what’s next for advancing the new socialist movement today


The New School
63 5th Avenue
New York, United States
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